Kosteuttava, antioksidanttinen kasvovesi kaikille ihotyypeille.

Virkistävä kasvovesi, jonka sisältämät aktiiviset ainesosat elvyttävät ja parantavat ihon kuntoa. Rooibos-uute suojaa ihoa ympäristön aiheuttamilta vaurioilta ja sillä on antioksidanttisia ominaisuuksia. Oliivinlehtiuute torjuu ilmansaasteiden vaikutuksia iholla.

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99.9% Natural
99% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
334g Carbon Offset
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  1. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    Love esses toners they so refreshing and locks in all the antioxidants your skin needs.

  2. Yvette

    This was the first toner of Esse that I used. Love the fact that it is packaged in a spray bottle, so no product wastage on cotton wool. The toner is loaded with Anti-oxidants which is great for anti-ageing purposes. I love the fact that Esse’s toners are not like normal toners that just cleans the pores, but are actually treatment products.

  3. Jenine

    This is a soft,subtle toner that refreshes skin and keeps skin looking dewy.

  4. suewen

    This antioxidant mist is my favorite to spritz during hot windy summer days, leaves the skin glowing and protected!

  5. Kerry Venter

    I spritz this on my skin throughout the day, even over my make up, to refresh and hydrate my skin. We unfortunately live in polluted environments these days, so my skin really NEEDS and appreciates this anti oxidant boost a couple of times a day!

  6. Melissa Johnson

    When I was first exposed to the Esse Range this was one of the very few products that I remember the smell of, so clearly! Rooibos is an all round wonderful ingredient that balances not only PH levels of the skin but triggers the senses too. Great way to start on the range!

  7. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    Not only does this toner help yo stabilise your ph levels, it also helps keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and absolutely beautiful! Absolutely love this product. A staple for all skin types.

  8. Anneke Lange

    During the hot summer months here in kzn this super refreshing toner is a total must have.

    It doesn’t only give you a refreshing cold and fragrant experience on your skin but loads your skin with antioxidants to protect against free radicals and the sun.

    Also delivers a beautiful bronze glow of used up to 3x a day or more. Under and over makeup. Throughout the day.

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