Dry Skin Trial Pack

Starter pack for dry skin

A selection of 6 miniature products, ideal for travel, as a gift, or to try the range.

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100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
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  1. Cordnee lee Moonsamy

    This is the perfect start for a mature client or a dry skin client.

  2. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    This is a lovely travel pack and a great way to start your skincare routine. They make fabulous gifts and the tin can be used for storage at a later stage.

  3. Kerry Venter

    This is perfect to be able to buy this and try out 6 of the Esse products for your skin type before purchasing the full sized products! Bought a few of these as gifts for my friends to use while on holiday as a travel pack. They were all absolutely thrilled with their packs and ended up going on to the full range of Esse.

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